What Do I gain as a UTGSU member?

The University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union is a voice for students as well as a platform for community building and services. Your membership fee to the UTGSU enables us to advocate on your behalf and to support you with the services listed below. By opting out of UTGSU Membership, you forfeit access to the many services of the UTGSU. The Union provides graduate students with affordable Health and Dental Insurance. Opting out of our membership fee may jeopardize your ability to access this service.

The UTGSU also provides the following services:

  • Conference Bursaries
  • Conference and Academic Engagement Grants
  • Orientation Events
  • The Graduate Community Development Fund
  • International Student Identity Cards
  • Donation Requests
  • Committee and Caucus Membership
  • Course Union Membership

Equity Work and Advocacy

The UTGSU advocates for increased graduate student representation and voices student issues by lobbying national and provincial governments as well as the University administration. We maintain services that enable all our members to succeed at the University of Toronto, including providing mental health resources, workshopping career skills, advocating for affordable housing, supplying conflict resolution resources, etc. As a democratic organization, the UTGSU’s advocacy work is governed and guided by the needs and desires of UTGSU members.

The UTGSU committees and caucuses are groups with specific mandates or identities that empower them to do targeted work and community building for our members.

Levy Group Opt-Out

By referendum, the UTGSU membership has several organizations that levy a fee from its members. Click here for more information on the levy groups. These groups provide services to the membership and depend on the funding of graduate students to make the university a better place for all of us. We consider these services essential for the health and wellbeing of our members and encourage you to not opt out of our levy groups’ fees.