The UTGSU represents graduate students’ issues and concerns to the U of T administration, while conducting research to support our recommendations and advocacy. Each year the UTGSU focuses our efforts on specific campaigns. Below is the summary of our campaigns for this year. If you have any questions, or would like to get involved in our campaigns please email!

Image of an apartment building with a blue colour overlay. White box with text that reads "Affordable Housing" with an icon of a house above.

During the pandemic the University increased the monthly cost of rent in student housing. We are calling on the University to reduce rent to where they were before the pandemic and freeze rents for the remainder of the pandemic. We also demand affordable student housing. Students should not need to worry about finding safe and affordable housing.

Image of a protest with a yellow colour overlay. White box with text that reads "Anti-Racism" with an icon of a megaphone above.

The UTGSU will continue to fight all forms of racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamaphobia and intolerance both on U of T campuses and in our communities. We strive to incorporate diversity and inclusion in all areas of the UTGSU and understand that representation matters.

Image of a classroom with an orange colour overlay. White box with text that reads "Base Funding Increase" with an icon of coins above.

Base funding packages vary widely across faculties and campuses. The UTGSU Executive will be campaigning to increase the base funding package for graduate students across all faculties. We will also advocate for the University to extend the COVID-19 Tuition Waiver.

Image of a grocery store with a green colour overlay. White box with text that reads "Food Insecurity" with an icon of a plate, spoon and fork above.

Access to nutritious, healthy, affordable and diverse food options on and off campus continues to be an issue for graduate students. There are undeniable links between healthy food and positive learning environments. This year we are focusing on better food options and supporting food banks across campus to support our members.

Image of a group of friends ay the park with a pink colour overlay. White box with text that reads "Mental Health and Wellbeing" with an icon of a brain above.

Graduate students are at risk of feeling overwhelmed, anxious or isolated and often experience mental health issues. This year, the UTGSU will advocate for graduate student mental health and wellbeing resources. Mental health and wellbeing services like counselling and psychiatric services are underfunded, understaffed and underrepresented on post-secondary campuses, limiting the types and availability of services for students. The University needs to provide more, and effective mental health and wellbeing supports to their students.