UTGSU Elections Poster. The graphic has illustrated students working on their computers and the text reads: "University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union Elections"


The unofficial results of the UTGSU elections are in! The results will be officially ratified at the next UTGSU Council Meeting. The elected executive candidates are:

President- Lwanga Musisi

Vice-President Internal- Sarah Alam

Vice-President External- Sierra Codeluppi

Vice-President Finance- Neelofar Ahmed

Vice-President Academic Divisions 1 & 2: Dhanela Sivaparan

Vice-President Academic Divisions 3 & 4: Danielle Karakas

Thank you to all the candidates who participated in the elections and thank you to everyone who took time out to vote. View the rest of the elections results below:  

If you have any questions about the elections, please contact the CRO, Molly at cro@utgsu.ca  

*At the last Annual General Meeting, UTGSU members voted in favour of an organizational restructure which has resulted in changes to the Executive Committee and Board. This new structure will come into effect for May 1, 2022. Those changes can be found under Article 4 for the Board of Directors and Article 7 for the Executive Committee.*

UPDATE: The UTGSU Elections & Referenda Committee (ERC) has decided to extend the nomination period to give more candidates an opportunity to run in the Spring elections. The new deadline for executive positions is now Wednesday, March 23rd at 5pm while the deadline for BOD positions is Friday, March 25 at 5pm. For more information, please contact cro@utgsu.ca 

Nominations for the UTGSU 2022 elections are now closed and the list of Candidates and their Statements have now been uploaded. Please scroll down to the relevant tab to read them.

Candidates Debate

Join us on Thursday, April 7 at 5:30 pm for a chance for you to meet all the candidates running for executive positions in the UTGSU 2022 Spring Elections. We encourage you to submit your questions ahead of time or contact cro@utgsu.ca directly.  

Submit questions for the Candidates Debate here

Register to attend the Candidates Debate here

Executive Committee (Honorarium of $1400/month for each Executive):

  • President (1)
  • Vice-President Internal (1)
  • Vice-President External (1)
  • Vice-President Finance (1)
  • Vice-President Academic Divisions 1 and 2 (1)
  • Vice-President Academic Divisions 3 and 4 (1)

Board of Directors (Honorarium of $500/year for each BOD):

  • Division 1 (Humanities) Director (7 positions available )
  • Division 2 (Social Sciences) Director (7 positions available)
  • Division 3 (Physical Sciences) Director (7 positions available)
  • Division 4 (Life Sciences) Director (7 positions available)

In order to run in these elections please submit a nomination form by 5:00pm (EST), March 21st to the UTGSU’s Chief Returning Officer, Molly Simpson, at cro@utgsu.ca

Elections Timeline

Nomination Period Opens: March 3rd, 12:01AM, 2022

Nomination Period Closes: March 25th, 5:00PM, 2022

Silent Period Begins: March 25th, 5:01PM, 2022

Silent Period Ends: March 31st, 11:59PM, 2022

Campaigning Period Begins: April 1st, 12:01AM, 2022

Campaigning Period Ends: April 14th, 11:59PM, 2022

Voting Opens: April 8th, 12:01AM, 2022

Voting Closes: April 14th, 11:59PM, 2022

How to Run in this By-Election

Interested applicants must write to the CRO directly at: cro@utgsu.ca

In your application include your name, email address, phone number, student number and name of program. Applications without all of this information will be rejected. You must indicate which one of the positions you are applying for. You can only apply for one position. You must include a separate list with the names of 15 to 25 students who wish to nominate you.

Candidates running for executive positions are required to have 25 member signatures to nominate them.

Candidates running for the Board of the Directors must have 15 member signatures to nominate them.

Nomination signatures must be from current members of the UTGSU. members. In other words the students must be enrolled in a Graduate Program at the University of Toronto. Undergraduate Students cannot nominate you for a position. Please include the name of the student, their student number & their telephone number. A simple way to have students nominate you is to make an announcement at the beginning of one of your classes. You can always ask one of your professors if you can make an announcement before the beginning of your classes (please note you must have permission to make announcements in classrooms).

You can send a Candidate Statement up to 800 words as part of your application (room to do so is on the last page of the nomination package). If your statement is over 800 words then only the first 800 words will be included. It is up to you to decide how much of the allotted 800 words you wish to use. Your statement must be typed in size 12 font in Times New Roman. Do not include any websites or hyperlinks in your statement. Do not include bullets or fancy graphics in your 800 word statement. Your statement is just in plain size 12 times New Roman text. If you wish to list achievements you can list them using numbers or letters or just write them in sentences. It is the best interest of the candidate to have a statement. Voters normally make their decision on the basis of the written statement. Please send in your statement with your application. I will not be accepting late statements. The list with the students nominating you must not be included in your personal statement. This is a separate list. Your statement is due by March 21st at 5:00 pm.

The CRO has the right to change dates due to unforeseen circumstances.

Executive and Board of Directors Position Descriptions

You can find a description of each position in the UTGSU By-Laws here, see sections 4 and 7.

Election Rules

The UTGSU Election Rules can be found in the UTGSU Policy Handbook here, starting on page 15.


Voting will open on April 7th, 2022 at 12:01am and ends on April 14th, 2022 at 11:59pm.

Only Graduate Students at the University of Toronto are allowed to vote in this election. Undergraduate Students are not allowed to vote. You will require your UTORID and your password to vote.

The voting website will be: https://utgsu.simplyvoting.com

You will be required to rank each candidate with 1 being your first preference (in accordance with UTGSU Bylaw). If you attempt to vote before the elections open, or after they close, you will receive an error message.


Email the CRO Molly Simpson at cro@utgsu.ca if you have any questions or concerns about the election.