Course Union Head Grants

Head Grants

Course Union Head Grants are distributed every year to UTGSU-recognized course unions. They are based on a percentage of the annual fees that each University of Toronto graduate student pays to the UTGSU. Head Grants are distributed in two instalments: one (1) in the fall semester (distribution starts in October) and the other in the winter semester (distribution starts at the end of March).

The application form below is a fillable PDF form. After completing the form, please email to

Deadline: Continuous – 2021 Fall instalment cheques will be mailed out following submission of your application form, starting with applications received by October 15. Forms received by October 15 will have cheques mailed by October 29. After October 15, applications take approximately two weeks to process then mail. Please refer to the application form for additional details and ensure you include a mailing address on the last page of the form.

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Receiving the fall installment of the Head Grant requires course unions to submit their Head Grant application on time and attendance at a course unions orientation. Receiving the winter installment is based on course union attendance at Council meetings during the academic year. Please note that it is against UTGSU Policy to use head grants to pay for honoraria for course union executives or anyone else who holds official Office within your course union.

Fall Head Grant Installment Amount received is based on the submission of a head grant application form and on attendance of two representatives at a UTGSU course union orientation event. The two members must consist of one Course Union Representative on the UTGSU’s General Council, and one Course Union president, co-president, treasurer, or equivalent. Your Head Grant application form should be submitted to the UTGSU as soon as possible:

  • Applications submitted on or prior to January 1st will get 100% of fall installment
  • Applications submitted between January 1st and April 15th will get 50% of fall installment
  • Applications submitted after April 15th will get 0% of fall installment

Winter Head Grant Installment Amount received is based on submitting a Head Grant application form and course union attendance at monthly UTGSU Council meetings:

  • Course unions attending 4 or more of the first 6 meetings receive 100% of winter installment
  • Course unions attending 3 of the first 6 meetings receive 50% of winter installment
  • Course unions attending 2 or fewer of the first 6 meetings receive 0% of winter installment