Information for Councillors

Course Union Manual

This manual was sent by email to all course unions reps in September. If you did not receive yours, please contact the UTGSU Membership and Advocacy Coordinator at to confirm we have your correct address. It is also available for download below.

The Course Union Manual introduces our course unions and their representatives to the structure of the UTGSU, including Council meetings, meeting rules, creating a course union constitution, financial obligations of a course union, and a calendar of Council meetings and deadlines for the year.

Download: Course Union Manual 2018-2019 [PDF]

Course Union Funding

For more information on funding for Course Unions, please see our Course Union Grants page.

Email & Listservs

Council rep Listerv

All Councillors are expected to introduce themselves to the UTGSU Membership and Advocacy Coordinator early in the year, and to subscribe to the UTGSU Council email listserv, where much Council business is announced.  Please contact to sign up the the listserv. Once subscribed, it is your responsibility to send the weekly UTGSU Digest, in its entirety, as well as any relevant emails from the UTGSU Council listserve to all students in your department.

weekly digest listserv

The UTGSU Digest is currently sent to all graduate students via a listserv run by the University. You do not need to forward this email to your members.

If you, or any other member of your Course Union, currently do not receive the digest but would like to be on the mailing list, you are welcome to join.

To subscribe to the digest, send an email to with the subject: “Please Subscribe to Digest Listserv”.