Make Health, Dental or Vision Claim

If you are a UTGSU member who has not opted out of the Health and Dental plans, you can make claims through our insurance provider Green Shield at

Click this link to access forms to mail in a paper claim: webpage.  Please note that the claims process is faster when completing online.


When making a claim you will need the following information:
– Your Policy Number is UTG
– Your ID Number is your student number followed by 00 (for dependents, if any, 01, 02, etc.)
– The Provider is Greenshield



  1. From, click the LOGIN button (found in the right corner of any page) and then click GO to register as a plan member.
  2. On the “Welcome to Plan Member Online Services” page, enter your plan member ID and registration key in the “REGISTER HERE” section. Click “CONTINUE WITH REGISTRATION”. Skip to Step 4.
  3. Don’t have a registration key? Your unique, one-time use registration key can be found on your most recent Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement. You can also easily request one by clicking on “GET A REGISTRATION KEY” and following the steps. Once you have your registration key, go back to the Welcome page, enter your Plan Member ID and registration key, and click “CONTINUE WITH REGISTRATION”.
  4. You will be required to confirm a few personal details, create a username and password, and provide answers to three challenge questions. You can also give authorization for other people to access your account (such as a spouse) and enter your banking information to have your claims be directly deposited into your account.
  5. And that’s it! You now have access to cool tools (hey, that rhymes!) related to your GSC benefit plan.


  1. After you have registered for Plan Member Online Services, select “Submit a Claim” from the menu.
  2. Select the type of claim you are submitting.
  3. Enter your complete claim details and click Submit. Note: If you or your spouse have other coverage with GSC, you can coordinate your claim with the other GSC plan right at the time of online submission.

A confirmation page will display, showing your exact claim adjudication results. We encourage you to print a copy for your records. If you are selected for an audit, you will have to submit supporting claim documentation within a set timeframe to get your claim paid and to avoid potential suspension of access to this feature. Your supporting documentation can be uploaded online right from the audit notification.