What Insurance Plan do I Use?

As a UTGSU member, you may have multiple insurance plans. Below is a summary of some possible plans you may have, and when to access them. If you are still unsure, please contact the UTGSU Health and Dental Insurance office at 16 Bancroft Ave. Toronto via email health@utgsu.ca


OHIP is the Ontario Health Insurance Plan that every permanent resident of Ontario has. UHIP is the University Health Insurance Plan that is mandatory for all international students. Both are basic coverage for doctor’s visits or hospital visits. To use OHIP present your health card when visiting the doctor or hospital. To use UHIP, go to http://uoft.me/uhip and download your UHIP card. Present this card when visiting a hospital or doctor’s office. If this card is not recognized, you will be expected to pay upfront. Visit http://uhip.ca for information on how to enrol your family, make claims, etc.

UTGSU health and dental insurance plan

As a member of the UTGSU, you are automatically enrolled in the UTGSU Health and Dental Plans.  Both full time and part time students are covered by the health and dental plans.  This plan is supplementary to OHIP/UHIP and covers additional services you may need including prescription medication, vision care, dental services, etc.     

The insurance provider is Green Shield, and the broker is Studentcare.  Travel insurance is included in the UTGSU Health Plan and is administered by Securian Canada.