Gym and Athletics


FALL Schedule: October to December

More information on the Fall Gym bookings and schedule coming soon! Check back here in the coming weeks for updates. If you have any questions please email

UTGSU Intramural Volleyball league

More information on the Volleyball League coming soon! Check back here in the coming weeks for updates. If you have any questions please email

Please see the UTGSU Volleyball League Rules and the Gym Rules and Regulations for more information

Graduate Student INTRAMURALs

As part of a joint effort between the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU), free intramural sports will be offered to all graduate students this upcoming academic year.


Have a question related to the free graduate student intramural league? Please refer to our FAQs below. If you do not find the answer you’re looking for, email Peter Nash, the Intramural Coordinator, at Peter will respond to your email within five weekdays.

Do I have to pay to sign up?
The graduate student intramurals are free for all graduate students at the University of Toronto. This is a three-year pilot project, which is a joint effort between the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU).

What sports are offered for the free graduate student intramural league?
For a full list of sports we plan on offering in the fall, please visit our Graduate Student Intramural Sign-up Sheet. You will find a breakdown of sport, division and the time these sports were offered last year.

I’ve filled out the Sign-up Sheet, but how do I find out if my team has been registered and other important information about game times and location?
You will receive an email detailing what teams were successfully entered based on the interest levels and space in each sport’s leagues. You will then register for the teams you are interested in playing for on IMLeagues, the registration software for the University of Toronto Intramurals, in order to participate. The IMLeagues portal will be included in the email sent to you, but can also be referenced here: University of Toronto Intramurals.

When does the Fall Semester season begin?
Before the start of the season, schedules are released on each individual team page. Each league usually plays on the same day and at around the same time each week, granted there isn’t a scheduling issue. Generally, seasons start at the end of September, or beginning of October.

I’m not too sure what division to sign up for. What is the difference between Division 1, 2 and open?
Division 1 is competitive and requires folks to feel quite comfortable with their ability to play the sport. It is usually a faster-paced game. Division 2 is recreational and does not require folks to have previous experience playing the game. If you’ve never played this sport before but are interested in trying, we’d suggest signing up for this division. Open division is made up of non-departmental teams and departmental teams, which varies competition level depending on the teams that sign up.

I’m interested in being a Team Lead but would like some more information about what is required of this role.
The team lead is responsible for attending a team lead meeting at the beginning of the season to learn the rules of the league and encourage team members to submit their attendance ahead of the forfeit deadline. On average these team leads might be putting in a maximum time of 5 minutes per week. It is also possible for teams to have multiple leaders if that helps ensure the success of the team.

Our team does not have enough players for one of our upcoming games. What should we do?
You should contact the SGS Intramural Coordinator for assistance, and if we cannot guarantee sufficient players, we will notify the Intramural department a minimum 2 days in advance that we cannot field a team for that game, resulting in a forfeit.

I showed up to my game, but the game was no longer taking place as someone had cancelled our game. What happened?
We request that all players use the attendance function on IMLeagues a minimum of three days in advance.
Should there be insufficient attendance for a game within 2 days of the date, the Intramural Coordinator will forfeit your game on your behalf. Defaults result in fines to our program and lead to the removal of teams. Therefore, to have lots of teams, we need consistent attendance or advanced notice of conflicts so we can notify the staff that we are short numbers. Please be sure to submit your attendance on IMLeagues so that our program does not have teams removed.