Weekly Digest

The UTGSU Weekly Digest is now sent to over 18,000 registered graduate students (ie UTGSU members) via a University of Toronto-maintained listserv. In addition, non-UTGSU community members can opt-in to receiving the UTGSU Weekly Digest straight to their inboxes! Please subscribe below.

To Subscribe

To subscribe to the UTGSU Digest, please email the Communications and Promotions Coordinator at communications@utgsu.ca with the following information:

Subject line: Subscribe to the UTGSU Digest
Email Body: your email address

To Submit a Blurb

We include non-UTGSU submissions in the digest when space and priority permits. If you would like to announce something that is relevant to the graduate student community, you are welcome to send us a submission of 7 lines or less (or it may be returned for editing). Include a short and catchy title to grab the reader’s attention. Please avoid using acronyms without first defining them. Avoid using long lists that span over several lines; when lists are necessary, consider condensing them into a continuous line with items separated by semi-colons. It is always a good idea to include a link to your organization’s main webpage. Please do NOT include hyperlinks.

Please note that submissions may be further edited for succinctness, clarity, and formatting. The UTGSU Weekly Digest is published each Thursday, and submissions must be received by noon on the preceding Wednesday.

Due to space limitations, please note the following:
– non-UTGSU submissions may not be accommodated for the week they are submitted, but may potentially be included in a future edition, depending on the item’s time sensitivity. As such, items should be submitted a few weeks in advance of the event/deadline.
– non-UTGSU submissions rarely run for consecutive weeks.
– submissions for same-day or next-day events are rarely accommodated.

Also, please indicate how long you would like the blurb to run in the digest or re-submit your blurb every Wednesday.

Email your concise (7 lines or less) announcement by noon on Wednesday to digest@utgsu.ca.