UTGSU Services

International Student Identity Card(ISIC)

The ISIC card is an internationally recognized student lifestyle and discount card featuring 150,000 discounts that students can use in Canada and while traveling abroad in over 130 countries to redeem offers on travel, shopping, experiences and more!


The Graduate Students’ Union at the University of Toronto provides its members with confidential advocacy services. If you are a current graduate student experiencing academic and/or administrative difficulties, we can assist you with advice, information and representation.

Mental Health Support

The UTGSU is committed to providing mental health and wellness resources for our members, and to lobbying the University of Toronto administration to increase resources for graduate students. 


The UTGSU provides several sources of funding for UTGSU members and for groups and events that serve our members. 

Health and Dental

The University of Toronto Graduate Students’ (UTGSU) Supplementary Health and Dental Plan provides students with unique health benefits. The Plan was designed to provide many important services and cover expenses such as prescription drugs, health practitioners, medical equipment, travel health coverage, which are not covered by a basic health-care plan (i.e. OHIP) or the equivalent (such as UHIP for international students). 

Weekly Digest & Social Media

Want to submit your event, project, initiative to the UTGSU Weekly Digest and/or Social Media or subscribe to the UTGSU digest?

Room Bookings & PUB

The UTGSU building at 16 Bancroft Ave offers free space bookings for members of the Union. These spaces are available for a variety of activities between 10:00 AM and 11:00 PM. Use is restricted to quiet activities from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We also have a pub serving beer, alcohol, spirits, and snacks that has an accessible outdoor patio.

GYM & Intramurals

Any student at the University of Toronto who has paid their fees for the year are eligible to play intramurals. There are many different types of sports offered at different times and at different skill levels, so be sure to check out all that is offered

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