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We are extending our deadline! Apply to join a UTGSU Committee by June 25th at 11:59pm EST

The UTGSU has a number of Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees that work on various issues that Graduate students face. We encourage members to join one or more committees to get involved in life on campus! 

The UTGSU is currently seeking members to join the following committees:

Finance Committee (4 available positions)
Governance Committee (4 available positions)
CRO Nominating Committee (1-2 available positions)

To nominate yourself for a committee position, please email a statement of interest to by June 25th at 11:59pm EST with the subject line “[Committee Name] Application.” Please tell us a bit about yourself, why you want to join the committee(s) and your qualifications. Please also indicate the division you belong to. 

All UTGSU members may apply to join a committee. Members of the Board of Directors will be prioritized during the appointment process.

The Finance Committee is chaired by the VP Finance, and will be responsible to prepare proposals on fiscal policy and financial estimates for the consideration of the Executive, to review all monetary donation requests of the Union, to prepare the grant and bursary funds allocation, and to assist the Finance Office in their duties.

The Governance Committee is chaired by the VP Internal, and is tasked to oversee the Bylaws, policies, and operations of the UTGSU. The committee works in close collaboration with the Executive team and the Board of Directors. 

The CRO nominating committee will review applications and conduct interviews for the position of Chief Returning Officer for 2023-24. The committee will present a candidate for appointment by the Board of Directors. Please note that by serving on the nominating committee you are no longer eligible to serve in the following capacities during the 2023/24 by-election or annual election: as the CRO, as a Deputy CRO, as an Elections Committee member, or as a candidate in the election.

Emails & Listservs

Council Rep Listserv

All Councillors are expected to introduce themselves to the UTGSU Membership and Advocacy Coordinator early in the year, and to subscribe to the UTGSU Council email listserv, where much Council business is announced.  Please contact to sign up the the listserv. Once subscribed, it is your responsibility to send the weekly UTGSU Digest, in its entirety, as well as any relevant emails from the UTGSU Council listserv to all students in your department.

Weekly Digest/Newsletter

The UTGSU Digest is currently sent to all graduate students via a listserv run by the University. You do not need to forward this email to your members.

If you, or any other member of your Course Union, currently do not receive the digest but would like to be on the mailing list, you are welcome to join.

To subscribe to the digest, send an email to with the subject: “Please Subscribe to Digest Listserv”.

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