Gym and Intramurals

Please Note:

UTGSU Space Booking and In-person Operations 
Due to the reconfiguration of the UTGSU office, in-person operations are postponed. We are still available to provide support for our members virtually. Please feel free to reach out at Members will not be able to book student meeting spaces at the UTGSU for the time being. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate reopening. 


FALL Schedule: October to December

Gym bookings for the month of October will be taking place on September 27, 2019 beginning at 10:00 AM by email . Emails sent before 10am will not be considered. 

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 1 hour time slot from 5-6:00 PM for badminton
  • Thursdays – 1 hour time slots for 5, 6 and 7 PM for basketball. 8-11:00 PM Drop in basketball.
  • Fridays – 1 hour time slots for badminton 5-11 PM. 

UTGSU Intramural Volleyball league


Registration for the 2019-2020 UTGSU Volleyball Season is now open. Please read the information linked on this page prior to registering. If you have any questions or concerns please email

Important Dates:
Thursday September 26: Registration Opens
Friday October 4th: Registration closes at 5PM
Tuesday October 8th: Competitive League Scrimmage Night (individual)
Tuesday October 15th: League Starts

Registration Forms

1.  Team 

2.  Individual 

Please read the UTGSU Volleyball League Rules and the Gym Rules and Regulations before registering.

How to Register: 

General Information

The UTGSU Volleyball League runs from October through to April. Players may register as a team or individually. Players must select one of three division options (Recreational, Intermediate, and Competitive). Playoffs will take place for the Competitive and Intermediate divisions only. Sessions are scheduled from Monday to Wednesday between 6PM-11PM. 

Please see the UTGSU Volleyball League Rules and the Gym Rules and Regulations for more information

Graduate Student INTRAMURALs

Any student at the University of Toronto who has paid their fees for the year are eligible to play intramurals. There are many different types of sports offered at different times and at different skill levels, so be sure to check out all that is offered at:

If you have any questions about this process that was not answered below, please contact the School of Graduate Studies Intramural Representative (SGS IM Rep) Stephanie Schneider ( for more information. Please note that there is often a high volume of intramural emails at the beginning of each season, so please allow up to 3 business days for a reply at those times. 

Intramural teams are divided by college and faculty affiliations. As a graduate student, you are affiliated with the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). 

There are two ways to join intramurals as a graduate student:

  1. As an individual. If you want to join a team as an individual, you can fill out the interest form here and follow the instructions. The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) intramural representative is responsible for gauging the interest of the SGS community from this interest form, and then creates the teams. The cost for this is paid for by SGS and UTGSU. 

Note: Please do not fill out the interest form unless you are reasonably confident you can commit to playing on the team! We understand that schedules can be busy, and other things happen, but the more accurate the numbers are, the better we are able to make teams. 

  1. As a team. If you have a group of friends/colleagues that want to form a team, the SGS intramural representative cannot create your team or cover the cost. You can register as an independent team in Divisions 3 or below at the Athletic Center front desk.  If Division 3 is not offered, you can ballot for a spot in a higher division. Please see the intramural website: for more details. The cost is a $70 deposit that will be refunded provided you don’t miss any games. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the sign-up process work as an individual? 

  1. Fill out the interest form to indicate your preference for teams. Note that there is often quite a short time turnaround for this! 
  2. You will be contacted by your team Captain soon after the interest form deadline. This deadline varies every year, so check the interest form for the exact date. Your Captain will outline any requirements to join the team. These can include tryouts, practices, verbal commitment, or socials. This is to confirm your commitment to the team, so we don’t make too many teams! There is room for everyone at every skill level. If you can’t make these events, let the Captain know and this will count as a verbal confirmation towards your interest in the team.  
  3. The SGS Intramural Representative will create all the teams and will be notified by the intramural office if they were successfully created. 
  4. An invite link to join the team on IMLeagues will be sent out to the interested and committed players. IMLeagues is the scheduling site that the intramural office uses to organize teams. Make sure to sign up with your U of T email, or with an email you check frequently. 
  5. Each team Captain will attend a Captains Meeting to get the first draft of the schedule and to hear about any updates/changes to the rules. This is mandatory! 
  6. The Captain will communicate the date and time of the first game to the players, as well as any other important requirements. The full schedule will be up on IMLeagues shortly before the first game. 

Note: the intramural office is very busy at the beginning of each season, so sometimes there are delays in getting the schedule. Your Captain is your first point of contact if you have any schedule questions! 

Do I have to pay to sign up?

The graduate student intramurals are free for all graduate students at the University of Toronto. This is the continuation of a pilot project, which is a joint effort between the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU). If you would like to sign up as a team, there is a $70 deposit that will need to be paid but will get reimbursed provided you do not default any games. 

When do the seasons begin? 

There are two season which are covered by SGS. The first season is in the Fall, with games starting near the end of September. The second season is in Winter, with games starting at the beginning of January. There is also a summer season, but you need to have purchased an Athletic Center membership for the summer (not covered by tuition). SGS typically does not have teams during the summer, but you can play as a Free Agent or make your own team with friends. 

I don’t know what the differences are between Divisions. Which should I join? 

Division 1 typically has a more competitive atmosphere, while Division 2 and below are viewed as more casual. Typically, Division 2 and lower divisions do not have much difference in skill level, but rather a difference in schedules. If there is a lot of interest in Division 1, there may be a tryout to limit the number of people who register and to get a more even skill level. If you have never played the sport before, join Divisions 2 and below. 

What if I am affiliated with more than one college or faculty? 

This is quite common for graduate students. An example of this is engineering students, who are associated with Skule (as engineers) and SGS (as graduate students). Both Skule and SGS organize their own teams. Luckily, this can be an advantage! You can play for either team, it is completely up to you.

I missed the deadline to fill out the interest form. Can I still join a team? 

Yes, although it is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you don’t fill out the interest form before the deadline, you are an extra player that was not considered when creating teams, which can cause teams to have too many players. Teams that had tryouts or had to limit the number of players in some way are no longer open to accepting new players. Players that missed the deadline will not have priority if cuts or rearrangements need to be made. Please contact your SGS IM Representative so they can direct you towards the right team. 

I want to register a team of my friends in Division 1 or 2 because we want to compete at a more competitive level. Why can’t we do this through SGS? 

Unfortunately, there is a high interest in Division 1 and 2 for individuals within SGS. We request the maximum number of teams in these divisions every year to accommodate this demand and are not able to request any more teams. If you want to play at this higher level with your friends, you are free to join the SGS teams as a group, but there will likely be other players on the team as well. If you would like to have an independent team, you can make it in Divisions 3 or lower. There are often many independent teams in these divisions, which can raise the competition level depending on the teams.   

The SGS team has a lot of players, and I don’t get much playing time. Can I join another team instead? 

If you want to play in Division 1 and 2, you can only play on a college/faculty team to which you are affiliated. If you do play on another college/faculty team, you are considered an ineligible player and any game you played with that team has now been defaulted. In Divisions 3 and below, you do not have to play on your college/faculty team, but you can also play on an independent team. You still can not play on another college/faculty team! If there is no Division 3 or lower, then you may play on independent teams instead of your college/faculty team in Division 1 and/or 2. 

What if SGS does not have a team in the Sport/Division I was interested in playing with? 

You are then eligible to play as a Free Agent. To become a free agent, you will need to fill out a form with the intramural office stating why you want to play with another college/faculty team. Once you have done this you can join the Free Agent pool on IMLeagues and request to join teams that are looking for players. More information can be found here.

I would like to play at a more competitive level than intramurals. What are my options? 

The University of Toronto offers many different Sport and Recreation programs to cater to many different skill levels. You are eligible to join any of these programs if you have paid your student fees. You can check out the full program offerings at U of T has a development league (or D-league) for many sports. D-league is more competitive than intramurals and has tryouts at the beginning of each semester. They have coaches, practices, and play against the other U of T campuses. You are also eligible to play at the Varsity level if you are skilled enough, which is one step up from D-league.

I can’t commit to regularly showing up to intramural games but I still want to play. What are my options? 

The University of Toronto offers drop-in scheduling for all their intramural sports. If you don’t want to pressure to show up and play on a team every week, consider showing up to drop in! There are players there of many skill levels, and they often play pick-up games or run drills for fun. It is a great way to practise your skills, learn a new sport, or just take a break! The drop-in schedule can be found at the intramural website: