Caucuses advocate for and demand representation of their members within the UTGSU, its activities, and in the broader University community by making recommendations to General Council and by undertaking initiatives of importance to the Caucus Members. They often host events and their activities are driven by members of the caucus.

Race and Ethnicity Caucus

The Race and Ethnicity Caucus (REC) is committed to social justice, community building, and healing for self-identified racialized and/or graduate students of colour at the intersections of gender, ability, age, class, religion, and sexuality at the University of Toronto. REC is committed to advocacy, scholarship, and activism. We are particularly interested in forming networks amongst graduate students of colour across the university in order to provide information, support, and resources. Our activities include regular meetings, social events, reading groups, community dinners, panels, and much more. REC aims to be a safe space for women, trans people, non-binary gender/gender non-conforming individuals, and sick and disabled people of colour.

The Race & Ethnicity Caucus (REC) is looking for enthusiastic, forward thinking candidates to join our team! No previous experience in race and ethnic relations or finance required. To apply, email the President of The REC with a statement of interest, explaining why you would like to get involved with the caucus and a brief description of relevant experience and skills at:

International Students’ Caucus


The International Students’ Caucus (ISC) is the main student body at the University of Toronto that coordinates efforts centred around 5,000 international graduate students’ interests and concerns. The International Students’ Caucus acts as the body that coordinates efforts centred around international graduate students’ interests and concerns. Meetings focus on the needs of the caucus’ membership, as well as the needs of all international graduate students at the University. Meetings include social interaction, networking, and discussion around member issues, including potential changes that members would like to see in programming and governance at the university, city, provincial, and national levels.

Queer caucus

The Queer Caucus (QC) of the Graduate Students’ Union is a political and social caucus for University of Toronto graduate students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ). We hold various events throughout the school year, including pub socials, games nights, karaoke, movie screenings and discussion groups. We seek to provide support for each other by providing venues to discuss issues that we encounter, as diverse LGBTQ graduate students, within and beyond graduate school.

A member-driven caucus, the QC seeks to promote social justice and community by providing venues for its members to come together with the goal of naming and fighting oppression, including homophobia, heteronormativity, transphobia and gender normativity, within and beyond the GSU and the University of Toronto. It does this by upholding anti-oppression as the approach that grounds our political and social activities. The GC’s commitment to dismantling both individual and structural forms of oppression means that we strive to work beyond the issues of sexual and gender normativity and recognize that these relate to and co-enforce other systems of oppression, among them racism, ableism, capitalism and religious discrimination.

For more information or to get involved, check out their Facebook page or email their chair at You can also look out for their events int he Weekly UTGSU Digest.

PROFESSIONAL students’ caucus

Twitter: @UofT_PGSC
Instagram: @UofT.PGSC

The Professional Graduate Students Caucus (PGSC) represents and advocates for UofT’s graduate students who are enrolled in professional programs and those who identify as professional-minded students. Our members are often simultaneously working professionals with rich experience and may face unique circumstances and challenges. The Professional Caucus advocates for its members’ priorities, fosters networking across disciplines and sectors, facilitates professional development opportunities, and promotes balanced study-work-life well-being of members.

The Professional Caucus have been revitalized since November 2019 with online groups and contents tailored for members, and offline events including professional sharing, peer meetups and networking, social issue panels, professional development and employability workshops, etc.

The Professional Caucus will commence its 2020-21 executive team recruitment and elections in June 2020. Stay tuned.

boycott divestment and sanction caucus

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Caucus exists in order to respond to the motion passed at the December 2012 UTGSU Annual General Meeting (the highest decision-making body of our union) to call on the University of Toronto to divest from companies benefiting from violations of international law and human rights abuses in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Women and trans peoples’ caucus

The Women and Trans Peoples’ Caucus is currently seeking a chair. If you would like to be involved in revitalizing this caucus please contact