The UTGSU has a number of Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees that work on a number of issues that Graduate students face. We encourage all Graduate students to join one or a variety of standing committees to get involved in life on campus! Contact the chair of a committee for more information and to get involved. Minutes from our committees’ meetings and committee expenditures can be view by members at the UTGSU office.

Civics Committee

The Civics Committee coordinates efforts to deal with issues of civic engagement in all forms. The committee engages in campaigns and initiatives that students face and aims to increase engagement and campus-wide involvement in democratic governance.

Transit Survey Results are in! In March 2019 the UTGSU launched a Survey to assess the public transportation usage of graduate students and their need for a TTC transit Pass. Nearly 30% of UofT Graduate students from all 3 campuses participated in this Survey.

Environmental justice and sustainability committee (EJSC)

The EJSC tackles issues of environmental justice and promotes sustainable policies and practices undertaken by the UTGSU. They also partner on events and campaigns related to environmental justice and sustainability.

Equity and advocacy committee (EAC)

The Equity and Advocacy Committee discusses issues of social justice within the Graduate student community. The EAC engages in campaigns to combat all forms of discrimination and social inequality that intersects with the University of Toronto and the wider community.
2021 Meeting Dates:

January 21 at 6pm
February 26 at 6pm
March 18 at 6pm
April 22 at 6pm

Policy and Operations Committee

The Policy and Operations Committee is the body that coordinates efforts related to policy implementation and the promotion of policies and operations that the Union has decided to undertake. This committee is open to all members and anyone interested should contact the chair to get involved.

finance committee

The Finance Committee is mandated to oversee UTGSU funds and  finances. The Finance Committee works in collaboration with the UTGSU Finance Office and Executive Committee to prepare the Union’s annual budget and financial estimates. In addition, the Finance Committee regularly reviews the Union’s financial policies, proposing new or amended financial policies as deemed necessary, and also oversees the administration and allocation of the Union’s Conference Bursaries, Special Grants, Conference and Academic Engagement Grants, Graduate Community Development Fund (GCDF) Awards, and all donations made by the UTGSU.

Finance Committee Members:
An-Noûra (Finance Commissioner) (Chair)
Lwanga Musisi (University Governance Commissioner) (Vice-Chair)
Ernest Obeng
Maliha Imami
James Tonogai

Grad minds

Grad Minds promotes graduate student mental health and wellbeing. They provide mental health education through programs, initiatives, and events that focus on personal skill development, psychological resilience, self-care practices, and de-stigmatizing mental health problems.

Census Ad-Hoc Committee

The Census ad-hoc Committee is developing a graduate student specific survey. After development the UTGSU will circulate the census to create a comprehensive picture of graduate student resources, housing issues, supervisory relationships, funding access, and more.