The UTGSU has a number of Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees that work on various issues that Graduate students face. We encourage members to join one or more committees to get involved in life on campus! 

The UTGSU is seeking members to join the following committees:

• Elections and Referenda Committee (2 available positions)

• Finance Committee (4 available positions)

• Governance Committee (4 available positions)

• Graduate Affairs Committee (4 available positions)

To nominate yourself for a committee position, please email a statement of interest to by 12 am March 12th *Deadline Extended* with the subject line “Committee Application.” Please tell us a bit about yourself, why you want to join the committee(s) and your qualifications. Please also indicate the division you belong to.

Members will be appointed to committees at the March Board of Directors meeting. Board members will review all statements of interest before voting. Members will be appointed to committees for a term of early March to April 30, 2023. Committee descriptions can be found below. Minutes from our standing committees’ meetings and committee expenditures can be viewed by members at the UTGSU office.


Chair: Chief Returning Officer (Vacant)

Interim contact:

The Elections and Referenda Committee shall oversee the annual election of the Executive Officers and Board of Directors, as well as any referenda question. The committee will ensure that nomination papers are valid, rule on any appeals regarding campaign rule violations, and work with the CRO to develop and enforce policy for a fair and equitable election. This committee is chaired by the CRO.

finance committee

Chair: VP Finance


There shall be a Finance Committee chaired by the Finance Commissioner, and the President serve as Vice-Chair, and four (4) members of Board of Directors, elected by Board of Directors, who are not members of the Executive and who represent each of the four divisions of the School of Graduate Studies, as well as designated members of the Finance Office who shall be ex-officio and non-voting. The Finance Committee is a closed committee and will be responsible to prepare proposals on fiscal policy and financial estimates for the consideration of the Executive, to review all monetary donation requests of the Union, to prepare the Special Grants allocation, to prepare the Conference and Academic Engagement Grants allocation, to execute the Conference Bursary funds allocation, to execute the Graduate Community Development Fund allocation, and to assist the Finance Office and Officers in their duties.

Governance COmmittee

Chair: VP Internal (Vacant)


The mandate of the committee is to oversee the operations of UTGSU. The Governance Committee shall work in close collaboration with the executive team and the Board of Directors. The Vice-President Internal shall serve as the Chair and the President shall serve as the Vice-Chair, with four divisional representatives.

Grad minds



Grad Minds promotes graduate student mental health and wellbeing. They provide mental health education through programs, initiatives, and events that focus on personal skill development, psychological resilience, self-care practices, and de-stigmatizing mental health problems.

Graduate Affairs committee

Chair: VP Academics and Funding 3&4


The Graduate Affairs Committee shall coordinate the work of Council on all matters of an academic nature within the University, as well as serve as the body to organize all Union activity within the University’s governance structure, including student finances. This committee shall also be empowered to make recommendations to Council on these matters. The committee shall, at minimum, consist of: Vice-President Academics as co-chair persons (non-voting) Four (4) Members, elected from the Board of Directors, who are not members of the Executive but represent each of the four (4) School of Graduate Studies Divisions.