Donation Requests

All UTGSU Members are eligible to submit requests for monetary donations from the UTGSU towards events and/or initiatives which enhance the University of Toronto Graduate Student experience. Please note that the primary contact must be a UTGSU member for all donation requests. Furthermore, eligibility does not guarantee that a given donation request will be approved, as all donation requests are subject to review and approval by the UTGSU Finance Committee. All inquiries concerning UTGSU Donations Requests should be submitted to

While the UTGSU Finance Committee makes every effort to ensure that donation requests are processed in a timely manner, all donation requests should be submitted a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the start date of the event/initiative in order to ensure that a decision can be reached in advance of said date. Please note that the UTGSU Finance Committee reserves the right to request additional information after the submission of the application form before deciding.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted. 

How to apply?

Complete the application form and complete and upload the Donation Budget Template in the application form.

Please note: As per the UTGSU donations policy, if an initiative is being organized by one of the following, the initiative may NOT be funded by a donation from the UTGSU:
– A Course Union of the UTGSU
– A Levy Group, Standing Committee, or Caucus of the UTGSU.