Room Bookings & Pub

Please Note:

UTGSU Space Booking and In-person Operations 
Due to the reconfiguration of the UTGSU office, in-person operations are postponed. We are still available to provide support for our members virtually. Please feel free to reach out at Members will not be able to book student meeting spaces at the UTGSU for the time being. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate reopening. 


The UTGSU building at 16 Bancroft Ave offers free space bookings for members of the Union. These spaces are available for a variety of activities between 10:00 AM and 11:00 PM. Use is restricted to quiet activities from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We also have a pub serving beer, alcohol, spirits, and snacks that has an accessible outdoor patio.


The Pub is located in the UTGSU Building on the first floor. It is a great place your course union or student group to book for a party! For more information or to reserve the space, please call Harry, the Pub Owner, at (416) 978-8466. The pub is open 12-12 Monday to Thursday and 12-1am Friday.

Room bookings

Contact: | 416-978-6233

The following are available on a first-come first-served basis

  1. Grad Loft (2nd floor) – A cozy space for gatherings or meetings.
    1. hosts comfortably around 30-40 people
    2. for regular use: chairs; tables; 2 armchairs; 1 coffee table; 2 couches; chalkboard wall.
    3. This space is legalized and you can purchase alcohol at the pub to drink.
  2. Gym (1st floor) – For athletic and non-athletic activities/events
    1. hosts up to 150 people
    2. for regular use: 4 long, wooden benches; 8 tables; 15 chairs
    3. for all non-sports bookings, please fill in the Non-Athletic Gym Booking Form and email it to
    4. Gym Use Regulations
  3. Basement Lounge – An open-space concept
    1. hosts approximately 15 people
    2. for regular use: 2 long, rectangular wooden tables; 2 coffee tables; 2 couches; 1 armchair; 10 chairs (additional chairs available upon request).

Space Considerations

Before booking space with the UTGSU, please keep in mind the following:

  • Please inform your guests that the UTGSU is not accessible.
  • All alcohol must be purchased in the Pub. You must not bring your own.
  • No food, drinks (except water), equipment or furniture is allowed in the gym unless approved by the UTGSU.
  • Garbage and recycling must be deposited into the bins.
  • Furniture must be returned to their original positions after your function.
  • You must clean the space after you are done (wipe tables, sweep if necessary).
  • When you are finished you must inform the UTGSU contact person you are leaving.
  • You are responsible for any damage or theft occurring during your function.

Accessibility Issues

  • One accessible entrance at the back of the UTGSU building that leads to the HDI (Health and Dental Insurance Office).
  • Lack of accessible washrooms.
  • No accessible lifts or alternatives to stairs – limiting access to all services except the HDI Office.
  • The gym lacks temperature control.
  • Lack of clear and accessible signage.
  • Narrow corridors, doorways and related spaces pose problems throughout the building.
  • Existing ramp at a less-than-ideal angle and width.