The UTGSU Team

Lynne Alexandrova (she/her)

The President acts as the UTGSU’s Chief Executive and oversees UTGSU services and operations, coordinates the efforts of other Executives and acts as liaison with the School of Graduate Studies, the Office of the Vice-Provost -Students and other U of T related bodies.

The President chairs the UTGSU General Assembly for course unions and serves as Vice Chair of the Finance Committee.

VP Academics and Funding Divisions 1/2

The VP Academics and Funding 1/2 provides guidance and advocacy for students who may encounter any number of institutional barriers to their academic success.

If you have been the subject of unfair treatment by your graduate unit, have encountered difficulties in receiving funding instalments, or need assistance navigating any of the university’s various support systems you can contact them for support.

Mohammadamir (Amir) Ghasemian Moghaddam (he/him)
VP Academics and Funding Divisions 3/4

The VP Academics and Funding 3/4 is responsible for helping members to address academic and funding issues, and for advocating for increased funding resources and academic processes and protections that help graduate students.

Need help submitting a funding complaint or having issues getting feedback from your supervisor? Email them or come to their office hours to talk about a solution!

Zoya Tawhidi (she/her)

The VP Finance acts as the UTGSU’s Chief-Financial-Officer (CFO) and works directly with the UTGSU’s Finance Office, Finance Committee, Executive Committee, and Board-of-Directors to facilitate all matters and decisions related to the Union’s finances.

Neelofar Ahmed (she/her)
VP External

The VP External is the main liaison between the UTGSU and external bodies such as Hart House, Student Life and the Community Liasion Committee. They also support the Campaigns and Activism Team, 

Contact them for any inquiries in equity or advocacy based UTGSU initiatives, for information on what external resources and organizations UTGSU members have access to, for information on provincial and federal student policies and affairs, and for information on how the UTGSU can support your own advocacy initiatives.

Aanshi Gandhi (she/her)
VP Internal

The VP Internal is responsible for preparing and organizing Director and Executive meetings, chairing the Governance Committee, managing records of proceedings, and tracking our Bylaw and Policy updates.