About the UTGSU

The UTGSU is a voice for over 18 500 students as well as a platform for community building and services. Your fees to the UTGSU enable us to advocate on your behalf and to support graduate students.

By opting out of UTGSU fees, you jeopardize the UTGSU’s ability to support graduate students at U of T, and you will forfeit access to the many services of the UTGSU. The UTGSU can only guarantee access to all of our services to graduate students who do not opt-out of any fees.

In addition to the services listed in the opt-out portal, your fees enable us to provide many other services, including but not limited to:

In the opt-out portal you will find a list of “optional” services that the UTGSU provides. Although the fees you see represent some of the services the UTGSU provides to its members, the specific break down of these fees was solely determined by the University of Toronto, and not the UTGSU. For specific information about some of the UTGSU’s services, please contact us or click on the following links:

UTGSU Levy Groups

By referendum, UTGSU members pay a levy fee to several organizations that provide services to University of Toronto students. These organizations depend on the funding of graduate students to improve the graduate student experience at the University of Toronto. The UTGSU considers these services essential for the health and wellbeing of its members and encourages you to not opt-out of these fees. Click here for more information on the UTGSU’s levy groups.