Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeal is the body of the UTGSU that rules on final appeals regarding elections, referenda, decision-making processes defined in the bylaw and policies, issues of conflict of interest and penalty, and concerns regarding the operations of any UTGSU body.

The UTGSU is currently seeking applicants for the position of Chair of the Union’s Board of Appeal. This Chair is appointed at a UTGSU General Council meeting and must not be currently serving as a Course Union Representative. The appointed Board of Appeal Chair will receive $750 broken up into two instalments paid up front at the beginning of each semester.
According to our Bylaws and Policies, the Board of Appeal Chair will:
– aid in advertising of nominees for the consideration of General Council
– chair meetings of the Board of Appeal
– create its agendas
– prepare all relevant documentation for issues before the Board
– serve as spokesperson for the Board
Interested students should contact and prepare to speak on their behalf at the October 29th General Council meeting. At this meeting, the General Council will hold an election among interested nominees.

For more information about its terms of reference, composition, and meetings, please refer Article 15 in the UTGSU Bylaws titled “Board of Appeal”.

To get in contact with the Chair of the Board, email

appeal rulings

Appeal rulings are available online via the UTGSU Archive and are listed below in reverse chronological order.

DL’s Appeal 2019 UTGSU Board of Appeal

CK’s Appeal 2018 UTGSU Board of Appeal 2

AB’s Appeal 2018 UTGSU Board of Appeal