UTGSU Student Conference Bursary (SCB)

Winter Cycle will open on 15 April 2023!

The UTGSU Student Conference Bursary (SCB) was created to financially assist UTGSU Members attending and/or presenting at academic conferences. The amount of a single bursary is up to $250, regardless of conference location or estimated expenses.A total of 120 bursaries are distributed each year, corresponding to 40 bursaries per each of the UTGSU’s three (3) conference bursary cycles: Fall Cycle, Winter Cycle, and Summer Cycle.

All successful applicants to the UTGSU Student Conference Bursary are selected by the UTGSU Finance Committee using a random lottery system. For each Cycle, 50% of all bursaries are awarded to applicants in the funded cohort (i.e., those applicants who receive a base funding package) and the remaining 50% are awarded to applicants in the unfunded cohort (i.e., those applications who do not receive a base funding package). In addition, an equal number of bursaries are awarded to applicants across all four School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Academic Divisions: Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences.


All applicants to the UTGSU Student Conference Bursary must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. The applicant is a UTGSU Member at the time of application.

2. The applicant has not already received a UTGSU Student Conference Bursary within the current Academic Year (Sept to August).

3. The start date of the conference for which the bursary would apply to is on or between 1st January and 30 April 2023.


If the conference specified in a UTGSU Student Conference Bursary application falls outside of the time period specific to a Conference Bursary Cycle, then that application will be disqualified from the respective Conference Bursary Cycle.

Please also note that only one application is permitted per applicant. The supporting documents must be submitted in the application. If no supporting document is provided the application will be deemed ineligible and will be disqualified.